January 29

The Chinese New Year begins this Friday.  So to help celebrate, what better than a wedding Photograph with a horse in it.  The year of the horse is said to bring  prosperity and wealth, so here is to all my 2014 bride and grooms.  

Any babies born during the year of the horse are said to be cheerful, popular, talented and enjoy entertaining. They are associated with success and cannot stand failure.  

Chinese New Year 2014: What Does the Year of the Horse Mean?

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23 January 2014

Disc only packages

Having just begun to offer a disc only wedding package I thought this would be a good opportunity to offer some advice on the do's and don'ts of such packages.

First of all DO make copies as soon as you receive your images, whether they are on CD, DVD or USB stick make a copy. Put some thought into how you are going to store your digital images. Make a copy to your computer's hard drive, make another disc, copy them to another flash drive, uploading them to a dedicated photo site like Flickr is a good idea as well, especially now with their new storage allowance, you can upload your high resolution images and download them when you like. Of course I will post your images to a personal gallery on my website but I cannot guarantee they will be there forever.

Don't rely on your copies. Digital media storage is changing all the time. Remember all those films you recorded on VHS and Betamax tapes? Remember three and a half inch floppy discs? Don't assume your storage format is going to be around forever.

I will discuss how you can future proof your wedding images in my next post.

Want to know more about my disc only deals?  Then have a look at my wedding prices page or contact me.  Simples. 

Make Copies

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13 January 

When should I book my photographer? 

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This a question many couples ask when organising their wedding.  The simple answer is as soon as possible.  I am often booked two years in advance.  Don't worry if you haven't booked yet.  It is easy to contact me and find out when I am available.  Just use the Contact Me button on the left. 

The important thing is the date.  The most popular time of year for weddings is, this will come as no surprise, summer.  Here in Dundee July and August are the most popular months.  So if your wedding is set for then you really have to book as early as possible to ensure my availability.  

Far more typical is booking 6 months to a year in advance.  So if you are getting married this summer you still have time to book me. If you are as serious about your wedding photography as I am, avoid disappointment, now is the time to check my availability.  It costs nothing to ask.

I am sure you will find exactly what you want in my wedding collections.  Check them out now in the Wedding Info page. 

You have the person you want.  You have the venue you want. Make sure you get the photographer you want. 

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