January - 2015

And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been

And welcome to 2015.  

Last year was exciting but this new year is already exceeding expectations. The number of weddings booked so far for this year is up (still room for more). Even in this first week enquiries are coming in as couples getting married this year get down to organising the fine details of their day.  If you haven't already booked your photographer for your wedding this year my advice is, be quick, contact me today, dates are going fast. 

I have new wedding venues to visit and a couple of foreign trips organised. So all in all this year is going to be exciting.

Also this year I aim to exhibit at Wedding Fairs so keep coming back and I'll keep you posted of where and when. If you are arranging any Fairs throw me an invite, I may be interested.  

For now I will leave you with some of my favourite images from the last wedding of 2014.


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