The best laid schemes o' mice an' men Gang aft a-gley

It was back to Kinnettles Castle for Leanne and Christopher's wedding.  An amazing wedding venue that provides a stunning backdrop for the photographs.  

During Friday nights wedding rehearsal at Balgay Church Dundee the bride's words "I shall not be late" will long ring in my ears.   It's good thing that these things are anticipated and therefore do not cause any great harm to the day's proceedings.  Things did snowball from the original twenty minutes. No chance to claw back any time but thanks to an understanding bride and groom and an accommodation wedding venue we were only running an hour and a half late by the time we got to the first dance.   

The main thing is we got the photographs that delighted the bride and groom.  Many thanks to Leanne and Chris for their cooperation throughout the day. 

All in a days work. 


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