It has been a while since I updated my blog here, it has been a busy time.  Since my last post I have covered a few  weddings including Jane & Tony at The Baxter Park Pavilion, Shannan & James at the Invercarse Hotel, Vicky & Chris at The Inchture Hotel, Cheryl & Billy at The Panmure Hotel, but I have to say the highlight was my trip to the south of France to photograph Hannah & Oliver's wedding. 

When I was first invited to photograph Hannah and Oliver's wedding the last thing on my mind was the weather.  I had visions of a warm sunny balmy summer's day with temperatures in the 30C range.  I should have known better.  As one wag at the wedding commented "well what do you expect, put 100 brits together in the one place and of course it's going to rain" he wasn't wrong. 

One thing my experience as a wedding photographer has taught me is never rely on the weather, I was unaware this applied to the south of France.  However the couple did not let the weather "dampen" their enthusiasm, the bridesmaids "poured" their heart and soul into ensuring the couple had the best day possible.  And of course I didn't let a little thing like a monsoon "dampen" my enthusiasm.

Please enjoy the preview of the images. 

Hannah & Oliver Preview Photos

  • 20150808-011
  • 20150808-034
  • 20150808-089
  • 20150808-091
  • 20150808-103
  • 20150808-128
  • 20150808-167
  • 20150808-179
  • 20150808-200
  • 20150808-256
  • 20150808-277
  • 20150808-280
  • 20150808-284
  • 20150808-382
  • 20150808-421
  • 20150808-455
  • 20150808-478
  • 20150808-492
  • 20150808-506
  • 20150808-260


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